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  • RT @bolgo101: Deadly, brought this supermarket basil back to life with a @winelabireland greenhouse. #yummypasta
    21/07/2018 09:26:04

  • Why wine on tap? Here’s a few reasons 🍷💧
    17/07/2018 10:50:33

  • @MaryBallinsheen @ChameleonFood @winerepublic @RuthDeveney @LesliesWineFood I do know Sean Gargano has a bottle of…
    13/07/2018 17:20:28

  • RT @clontarfwines: A gorgeous Godello is now on tap at Clontarf Wines, drop in for a taste or to pick up a bottle and join the earth-friend…
    13/07/2018 09:51:45

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