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  • We reckon their new wave US wine list must have clinched it 🙃. Massive congrats @TheAdareManor 🎉
    16/08/2018 13:23:50

  • One of our recent wine on tap installs - a custom copper wall in Fishtalk, the upstairs wine bar in…
    16/08/2018 11:20:21

  • @BrewCrewKegs @rbyrnenaas @democraticwines Sorry guys missed this somehow. Yes!
    14/08/2018 16:51:29

  • Just landed - organic Rioja on tap from @democraticwines ⚡️🍷
    09/08/2018 13:48:48

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  • BarrelHall

    "Savvy wine drinkers are shunning quarter bottles in favour of better quality wine on tap"

    Food & Wine Magazine

  • BarrelHall3

    "...the leading exponents of the new wave wine cask and it's logical delivery system, wine on tap"

    The Sunday Business Post

  • BarrelHall

    "....a company dedicated to providing quality wine on tap to restaurants, wine bars and pubs "

    The Irish Times