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  • @shockproofbeats Shadow Country by Peter Matthiessen, it's superb!
    16/04/2021 10:12:59

  • @dublinbarista Peak Barnes
    20/03/2021 22:03:50

  • RT @FFT_ie: @winelabireland has released a limited edition Valentine’s gift box. Read more here:
    03/02/2021 18:10:16

  • Winner winner chicken dinner!
    23/01/2021 22:12:43

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  • BarrelHall

    "Savvy wine drinkers are shunning quarter bottles in favour of better quality wine on tap"

    Food & Wine Magazine

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    "...the leading exponents of the new wave wine cask and it's logical delivery system, wine on tap"

    The Sunday Business Post

  • BarrelHall

    "....a company dedicated to providing quality wine on tap to restaurants, wine bars and pubs "

    The Irish Times